Your children deserve the best so we only hire and train the best coaches available!

All our coaches undergo a rigorous interview, thorough background check, and extensive training program before being allowed to coach their own class independently. Once a year, we send our coaches to attend the USAG professional training and certification program for proper coaching attitudes, progressions, first aid, safety, and spotting techniques. Through our own monthly in-house training program, our coaches continuously learn to become better than ever.

We train them not only on how to coach gymnastics but educate them in other areas like child development, psychology, and discipline. Our mission is to nurture your child as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit – so we train our coaches to do just that.

We regularly evaluate and adjust our curriculum for the success of all our children and their varied learning styles. Through gymnastics and the spirit of "Achieving Together" Liberty Gymnastics staff and coaches, along with our member families, are building champions for life!