In our first week we will explore Pirates and Mermaids as we begin our trip in the beautiful Caribbean. If your kids love the swashbuckling adventure of pirates or the magical life of mermaids this is the camp for them. During the week they will incorporate fun games and activities surrounding their ocean adventure.  They will be able to make their own pirate or mermaid accessories to wear on show day. On the last day of camp we will be hosting a swashbuckling performance by all of our camp participants.


Maybe your child loves live action and would like to learn to balance like a Ninja on our slack line or learn Ninja like rolls. This is a fun camp for both boys and girls who like to climb, flip and roll. Activities will include Ninja Warrior obstacle courses that they will try to master throughout  the week. No ninja would be complete without their Ninja headbands that they will get to create themselves.  On their final day they will demonstrate all of the Ninja skills they learned in front of family and friends.



What does Santa do during the summer months? He takes a vacation of course. Children who love to make things for others will enjoy this camp. We will be making a special gift each day to share with someone in their life. Yes, we will be playing Christmas music and playing some fun Christmas games. Children will get to pretend they are Santa on Vacation. Where do you think Santa would go on Vacation?


“Take me out to the Ball Game!” When you think of New York is this what you think about?  Or maybe it’s, “Defying Gravity.” We will be spending time playing baseball gymnastics style, and creating fun theatrical pieces to music incorporating gymnastics skills. Visit  New York, New York with us and play a little ball and sing a few showtunes.


We couldn’t finish our trips in summer without spending a little time on the beach. Who doesn’t love doing gymnastics on the Beach.  Just like Venice Beach we will be learning and showing off some of our new skills. We will also learn some really cool facts about the different types of sand on the beaches.   Have you ever heard of Black Sand?

In our last week of camp we will be exploring fun facts about San Francisco as well as learning how the amazing Golden Gate Bridge is built. That reminds me can you do a bridge kick over or a bridge to a stand. Well if not this camp will be doing a lot of bridging. Don’t miss out on this last opportunity to end the summer with a big finish.